Pittsburgh's Outdoor Murals and Public Art, discovered on bicycle around the Burgh bike

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Email? If you would like to tell us about a mural, or would like to send us a link to a photo of a mural that you've posted on Picasa or some other server, please send us an email at pghmurals@gmail.com

Twitter? We're on twitter at @PghMurals and we usually tweet new findings. If you see an undocumented mural or a damaged mural, or if one of our listings is outdated we'd like to know about it!

Photos? If you'd like to send us a photo of a mural or another artwork, the best way is to post it on Picasa or Flickr and email us the URL.

Artist? If you're an artist, we'd be happy to include your contact info with your work. Please send us your Website, Email, Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Flickr, etc. We're especially eager to hear the stories behind the artwork and the influences you'd care to identify.

Website Issue? If the website isn't working well for you, please let us know and tell us what you can about your equipment - PC, Mac, Tablet, Phone, Phablet? Browser: Opera, Safari, Firefox, Chrome? Internet Explorer? (sorry)


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03/23/2013 @ 22:46 Hey nice site. New art in East Liberty Mellon Park

05/13/2013 @ 18:09 I have lived in mount Oliver my entire life for 50 years, 101 marland street is Knoxville not mount Oliver.

07/30/2013 @ 09:42 very neat

08/18/2013 @ 06:49 Mindy Clairmont Enjoyed the Sunday article. There is a NEW mural and a NEW neighborhood to add to your location list. In Fineview (Northside) this summer, I designed and Jeff Lucas painted a two-walled bamboo forest at my home that ties in to the relationship of the garden landscaped last summer.It is partially viewable from one of the sets of city steps that connect the Fineview neighborhood to the Central Northside neighborhood below. If interested, I would be happy to share the photos and the story.

08/18/2013 @ 07:11 Location of new work in Fineview is on Henderson Street. It is not an accessible view for bikers, so it may not make your list, but it is large, highly detailed and currently undocumented.

08/18/2013 @ 22:54 Love the idea of the website. Unfortunately,images are too small to really see/enjoy. Everyone is not able to get to the individual locations.

08/21/2013 @ 08:19 While updating you on a new undocumented mural in FINEVIEW, I forgot to list my contact. If you would like to accurately add it to your neighborhood listing, I can be reached at amclairmont@comcast.net Thankyou, mindy c

08/21/2013 @ 12:11 pghmurals "Love the idea of the website. Unfortunately,images are too small to really see/enjoy. Everyone is not able to get to the individual locations." Good point. We initially designed this with photo size chosen for the best display over the most devices. This may be a winter project for us to add an optional link to full size photos. That's going to take a significant amount of time. We may choose to only do this with one photo per mural. We'll look into it. Right now the weather is more suited to riding our bikes to see and photograph the murals. When that changes, we'll have more time to adjust and improve the site. Thank you for the input!

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