Pittsburgh's Outdoor Murals and Public Art, discovered on bicycle around the Burgh bike

About PghMurals.com

Here's the one-minute version: Since January 2012 we've been riding our bicycles to murals and public artwork all over the Pittsburgh region. We took pictures, did some research, and we were amazed at the range and quality of public art in Pittsburgh so we built this website hoping to be of use to others who might be interested.

Here's a little bit more: We rode our bikes to every one of these murals. We have not dealt with any interior murals. We did encounter some sculptures and mosaics on our bikes, and we've invoked curator's discretion as to whether or not to include them. We really haven't engaged commercial murals yet.

Pittsburgh is a city of neighborhoods, so we've organized the murals by neighborhood.

Some murals we went looking for aren't there anymore, so we've marked them as "ghost murals".

Finally, when we can we'd like to learn and share the story and the context behind the artwork.

  • If you know of another mural,
  • If you want to correct some information,
  • If you want to ask a question,
  • If you have a better picture that you've loaded onto Picasa or Flickr and you want to send us a URL,
  • If you're an artist who wants to tell us the story of a mural,
       please send us an email at pghmurals@gmail.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please email questions to PghMurals@gmail.com.


Why do the links from the map open in a new window?
Short answer: Browser Wars, ugh. Longer specific answer: If you're using an Apple device and an adapted Google map, click to another page, and then press your browser's back button, the restored Google map doesn't work anymore. It seems like a memory management issue between G and A. In order to avoid delivering a frustrating experiencing to a niche of users, we've set the links on our map pages to open in a new window (and our ALT-hover-text informs you of this).


Besides the neighborhood maps and the artist maps, are there any other maps?


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04/17/2017 @ 10:57 *** This is fantastic, thank you for doing this!

09/20/2018 @ 22:42 Just discovered your page. What an index! First stop: Hill District to see the August Wilson mural. Love!!! Thanks! From a Pittsburgh resident

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