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Welcome to Historic Braddock by Anthony Purcell

743 Braddock Avenue Braddock PA 15104

There used to be a metal sign with this image on it hanging on this same building. It was vandalized, removed and replaced with this mural which is about four times the size of the original sign. We ran into Anthony Purcell as he was beginning the mural in early Oct 2012.

Artist holding design, standing in front of the primed wall.

Mr Purcell has done several of the new murals in Braddock. He told us that a lot of the murals in Braddock are an effort to revamp historical signs and give them new life. They're historic, pro-business, not political, nostalgic, and they promote a sense of community and pride in local industry. Win-win.

October 2014
We found a copy of this sign on the side of the mayor’s home/future Superior Motors restaurant.



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