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Thick Bikes by Cameron Clayton

62 South 15th Street (Bingham St btwn 14th & 15th)
Southside, Pittsburgh PA 15203

One of the local artists advised us that he had done a mural inside of a bike shop. We’ve been trying to stick to outdoor artwork that we could ride our bikes to, however a bike shop seemed to be a special case. After all, we definitely ride our bikes there and we even bring them inside with us. We decided this was a perfect exception to the rule.

Thick Bikes on the Southside happens to have several murals inside. Two of them can easily be seen by anyone entering the store. The others are pretty much inaccessible as they’re in the mechanic’s area and usually have a lot of bikes and bike stuff parked and hanging in front of them. We talked to owner Chris Beech and he agreed to supply us with some photographs taken when the murals were fresh and unobstructed. We’ll add them once he locates them for us.

Photo by Chris Beech.

Entering the store you find the main mural on the right. A tranquil scene of a stream meandering through a field with the shop name above. If you look closely on the left side of the mural, you’ll see how they cleverly incorporated a hole in the tile wall into the design. It’s now a hole in the trunk of a large tree housing a small, stuffed mouse.

In the next room there’s the heartbreak mural, high on the back wall. Not subtle at all, this mural supplies an intense visual for the emotions of a break up or betrayal.

The other murals are in the shop where you won’t be able to see them yourself.


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