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Super Adobe by Swoon

714 Jones Avenue (714 Jones at Hawkins)
North Braddock PA 15104

The Konbit Shelter is not so much a public art project, but it is a unique architectural structure for our area and it's being built by the local artist collective known as Transformazium (which happens to be located across the street).

This project is an example of the shelters that artists, builders, architects and engineers are developing for areas that need inexpensive, safe structures that can stand up to many natural disasters. Specifically, this type of shelter is being used to provide help to rural areas of Haiti.

The buildings are constructed of long tubes filled with dirt (or with dirt and other stabilizers) and stacked to form a domed–shaped structure. You can read more about the construction here and more about this specific shelter and the problems Transformazium is having in the construction process here.

Nov 2014

The shelter is still under construction. This is one of many projects that these artists are working on, so progress sometimes seems slow. The main structure has now been painted.


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