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Story of Wilkinsburg by Kyle Holbrook

(Penn Ave & Sawyer Way)
Wilkinsburg PA 15221

The story of Wilkinsburg is depicted in this mural that runs along the east busway. Kyle Holbrook worked with kids from the local Boys and Girls Club to create this vision of what the area has been about throughout it’s existance.

This was one of Mr Holbrook’s earlier murals in the area. Since creating this in 2004 there have been many more public art works done with either the KH or MLK Community Mural Project signatures on them. Kyle Holbrook founded MLK (Moving the Lives of Kids) Community Mural Project in 2007 and the project has spread to several other states plus some international locations. Professional artists team with disadvantage kids to create something beautiful in what are often blighted areas. We've seen a lot of these murals around town.

In this particular mural, the history of the Wilkinsburg area is depicted with a lot of detail. Brentin Mock did an article in City Paper about this mural when it was being painted.

Images move through time sequentially from left to right in this mural.

Landmarks, faces, businesses, events that have shaped the community are all combined in a collage of history.

Perhaps a self image in this section?

The many assistants on this mural signed here.


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