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Stephen Foster by Jeremy Raymer

178 42nd St Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh PA 15201

The owners of this home wanted to make it stand out. They were looking for something to make their home unique and wanted to add some art to the neighborhood. They contacted Jeremy Raymer and when he showed them some designs they fell in love with the idea of Stephen Foster.

There’s a Stephen Foster Memorial in Oakland, and most Pittsburghers know he was from the area. The background in the mural ties him specifically to his home town of Lawrenceville. Doughboy Square is a big part of Lawrenceville’s identity.

Considered this country’s first songwriter, Stephen Foster composed over 200 songs. You’ve most likely heard and sung his songs numerous times without knowing where they originated: Beautiful Dreamer,Oh! Susanna,My Old Kentucky Home,Camptown Races,and Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair are some you might recognize.


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08/31/2017 @ 21:22 Debbie Brimner I love Stephen Foster for his musical talent and love for the people around him. Too bad those that do not know his background of fairness and love for people were so quick to judge. He was a simple and honest man who stood by watching the world with all it's hatred, but still wrote music that was up lifting and beautiful with a message of hope for all. So sad that a wonderful piece of art was removed, in Lawrenceville, by painting over it's grace and style when it was only honoring a person who was just being himself...honest!! I am sad of the direction the world is going and just following those that have no mission or message out of ignorance.

08/31/2017 @ 15:28 Jewel This is unfortunate. The mural should not have been removed. It was a tasteful depiction and not offensive.

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