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Squirrel Convergence by Mary Tremonte

3816 Butler St Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh PA 15201
40.4672, -79.9638

Sprout Fund map      SproutFund.org

According to the information the Sprout Fund gave us on this mural, Lawrenceville was the first community in the area with a zip code. (I've tried to find something on line specifically about that but couldn’t.) That explains the postage stamps integrated into this mural. As for the frenzy of squirrels – we’re told they’re a signature element for this artist. Some of her other works show foxes and rabbits with the same impression of fluid motion.

This is one of the fun murals that adds color to the neighborhood and certainly gets a conversation started without any deep, philosophical statement.


Update Nov 2013:
The good news is that Lawrenceville has been seeing a significant amount of new construction and growth. New businesses as well as established ones expanding into larger spaces are giving this community new life. We can see the changes each time we ride through here. The sad news is that one of the new changes included construction on the previously vacant lot next to this mural. You can still view the mural from the narrow walkway between the buildings, but it does detract a lot from how it once was. Your current view is limited to this:


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