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Lend Me Your Ears by Jordan Monahan Alison Zapata

5900 Penn Ave East Liberty, Pittsburgh PA 15206
40.461616, -79.926791

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At the ripe, old age of 19, Jordan Monahan did this mural with help from Alison Zapata. They used neighborhood kids as the models for the images and used a television test pattern’s band of multiple colors to represent the area’s diversity.

While riding our bikes to a different mural the one day, we had someone ask us What’s with the city’s obsession with pigeons? We weren’t sure what he meant. He explained that he kept seeing murals with pigeons on them and wondered why. Well, for this particular mural, the artist decided to use them to represent peace instead of using doves. The pigeons are a part of the neighborhood, and he was incorporating things that were a part of the neighborhood, so it worked.

The community wanted a mural here that would be both a landmark and a reflection of the community. Covering 8,500 square feet and visible for a good distance, I think it has accomplished those goals.


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12/14/2015 @ 15:47 bicycle heaven Super fantastic job,that is great art, proud to be from Pittsburgh

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