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Ketchupsaurus by Kristina Martinez

1 PPG Place (PPG Place)
Downtown, Pittsburgh PA 15222

DinoMite Days

The dinosaurs from the Carnegie Museum’s DinoMite Days were all adopted and moved to their new homes years ago. A handful remain scattered around the city in public places and those are the ones we’ve included in this website.

What else could the HJ Heinz Corporation sponsor but Ketchupsaurus? Heinz may have a lot more than 57 varieties these days, but in Pittsburgh the name is synonymous with ketchup. (Yes, I know about that other spelling (catsup), but have you ever known a Pittsburgher to spell it that way?)

Like the other two dinos that hang out in PPG Plaza, you may have to look around for him there. They tend to get repositioned when the skating rink is open.

The summer location in the sun.


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