Pittsburgh's Outdoor Murals and Public Art, discovered on bicycle around the Burgh bike


To nite There Are No Dreams

3809 Melwood Ave (Melwood Ave under the Bloomfield Bridge)
Polish Hill, Pittsburgh PA 15213

To nite there are no D.R.E.A.M.S

We had been told about a great area of "classic Pittsburgh graffiti art" by a man we met the previous day. This man told us that if we wanted to see art done by some of the best local graffiti artists from years past that we should ride down Gold Way to Melwood Ave underneath the Bloomfield Bridge. On our way there, we accidentally discovered Iron Eden. I'd heard of it, but like a lot of other places we ride our bikes to I had never had an occasion to be in that area before. We looked up and saw these cool colored glass spheres looking like planets from a Star Trek episode and we immediately stopped to see what they were.

"Astrolabs" by Iron Eden
4001 Lorigan St
Pittsburgh, Pa 15224

OK, they aren't murals or "public" art, but they were cool, they were art, anyone passing by can see them, and the guys working there were very gracious and let us look around so I'm including them here.

After thoroughly enjoying that tour of the iron works we were back on the road and on our way to our original destination - the street art on the opposite side of the railroad tracks. As you arrive at the area beneath the bridge, the first thing on the south side of the road that catches your attention is the notice that you're now on Polish Hill. On the opposite site of the street (on one of the lower bridge supports) this caught my eye right away:

When I first saw it I felt a deep and immediate sadness. A relatively simply done image among the usual bright colors and overlapping messages. We've seen a lot of murals on this project and we regularly ride by a lot of street art, but few have had the emotional impact on me that this simple bit of graffiti did. I wanted to cry at the feeling of despair that hit me. Everyone should have dreams.

Looking down on that mural we found this guy attached to a concrete pillar. Not your usual street art:

I couldn't help wondering if he was as affected by the mural below as I was, or if he was simply enjoying the view of the valley between Polish Hill and Bloomfield.

I wondered at his creator and how dedicated these folks are to their art. It wasn't a simple or quick effort to put this guy here. Perhaps his presence was influenced by the decorative iron creations across the ravine?

As all of this art is anonymous we can't actually give you the back stories or artist information. We'd enjoy having your thoughts and comments on them though.


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