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Breaking the Cycle by Roberto Maxwell multiple

1821 Brighton Rd California-Kirkbride, Pittsburgh PA 15212

This wall already had two smaller murals on it when the MLK Community Murals Program began a new, larger mural. Building off of the pre–existing mural in the upper right corner, they expanded the artwork and blended the themes together. The smaller mural showed an adult teaching a child computer skills. The theme on the new, larger mural is Breaking the Cycle, and education is one of the ways they wanted to emphasize for building a better life, so it tied together nicely.

When you see the murals done by the MLK Community Mural program, you start to recognize patterns. Even on the older murals that lack the organizations’ logo in the corner, you can tell it’s one of theirs by the background of orange swirls. Many of their newer murals follow the pattern of designating space along the bottom of the artwork for the kids to develop their own miniature murals. They allow the budding artists to address the theme of the mural in their own style, creating something distictly their own.

In a mural advocating ways to break the cycle, the kids have found ways to express themes that include the dangers of drugs and alcohol, the benefits of education, love, family, nutrition and work. It’s a mural full of inspiration and hope.


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