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Bicycle Heaven by Timothy Kelley

Columbus Ave at Metropolitan St (Casey Industrial Park)
Chateau, Pittsburgh PA 15233

Artist Tim Kelley has his own business in this building. Artdfact is a combination art gallery and decorative showroom located upstairs. We met Tim when he was working on this mural for Bicycle Heaven. He was in the midst of giving a large, bland, warehouse building in an industrial park some personality.

He worked on this for awhile, but when it was finished it was more than just a little personality – it was an identity. His mural manages to transform the warehouse into the illusion of an old town business district. This artwork does more than just pretty–up a blank wall. It creates a much more welcoming feeling to the businesses that live here. Before the mural there was a bit of a feeling of uncertainty. Is this where I’m supposed to be? Is it ok to go in here? Now the entrance to the bike museum is clearly defined. The combination of the trompe–l’oeil mural with real baskets of flowers hung from the fake pillars does an excellent job of creating the feel of an actual town building.

We like the whimsical touches!

The primary business here is the bike museum. Bicycle Heaven is in a warehouse building because that’s how many bikes they have. They would never be able to squeeze into something the size of an old town store. This little gem is close to the North Shore/Chateau Trail so if you’re riding there it’s an easy side trip to stop by. It’s also a bike shop and a place to look for old spare parts.


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