Pittsburgh's Outdoor Murals and Public Art, discovered on bicycle around the Burgh bike


by Ashley Hodder Michelle Gregio

620 Wood St (Franklin Ave at Wood St)
Wilkinsburg PA 15221

This mural is part of an intersection full of wonderful murals. It’s across the street from a plaza with a mural that surrounds a central gazebo. It’s also across from another wall of murals on Wood St.

See Plaza murals and Wood St. links to view more at this intersection.

Update August 2014
We’ve been riding back to all the artwork we discovered last year to check on them. Some of the murals have been removed since we were last there. A few of the buildings that murals were on were demolished, taking the artwork with them. So we were very pleased to find this huge display was still intact and still in good condition.

When we first found this intersection full of art we were overwhelmed. I don’t know how long we spent staring and photographing it, but it wasn't long enough! This time we approached the area from a different direction and discovered that we had completely missed the art on the far side of one of the buildings! It never occurred to us to search for more art than what we were seeing at the time. Lesson learned.

The side of the building that we completely missed last year.

We decided to add some more photos of the details. There’s just so much on each of these murals, that you have to stop and look at each image to really appreciate it all.


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05/14/2013 @ 05:51 F.M. Wonderful work of HeArt, ... great colors, hands, birds & bananas and more ! Lucky Pittsburgh*

07/31/2013 @ 17:53 kyle holbrook and chris savido did 85 % of this

08/18/2013 @ 15:49 I'm from Pittsburgh but moved a few years ago. I miss the beautiful art in the city.

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