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All in a Day by Monique Luck Leslie Ansley

2345 Murray Ave Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh PA 15217

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People and places in Squirrel Hill.

Artist Leslie Ansley told us about this mural. All in a Day is a collage of images from a typical day in the neighborhood. Created by Leslie Ansley and Monique Luck, the mural features local residents and community landmarks, such as Frick Park’s Blue Slide Park, The Jewish Community Center Clock, and The Squirrell Hill Café. The artists described it as our interpretation of snapshots of Squirrel Hill.

Photo by Leslie Ansley

They received design input from community members and walked all over the neighborhood taking photos of the local residents. This process at times inspired spontaneous changes in the mural design. There was a place in the mural where they wanted the face of an older gentleman. One day they were out working on the mural and looked over at the BP station and saw just what they wanted. They ran over immediately and got permission to take the picture for what would be the largest image on the mural.

Photo by Leslie Ansley


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08/19/2014 @ 12:27 Great mural, but zip code is wrong. It should be 15217. -Thank you. Correction made.

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