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Its Your Turn by Ian Green Lauren Hinish

104 E. 15th ave (West St and E. 15th Ave)
Homestead PA 15120

On the bottom of this mural the artists have provided a bit of explaination. They state that it is a community mural that

"... encorporates the artists’s work with drawings donated from members of Community Life & Young Life."

For anyone that has difficulty reading the painted words in that photo, here’s the text:

"The drum circle is the embodiment of community empowerment. It's a place where life's gifts are given freely and money has no power over people. The spectrum of human awareness is vast; each of us with our own unique colors and intensities. The circle brings these differences together and forges a new understanding of the world. The drum is symbolic of your purpose in life. You can play it anyway you want. There is a place in the circle for you... Its your turn."


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