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Connected by Will Schlough

4301 Murray Avenue Greenfield, Pittsburgh PA 15217

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Connect Greenfield is the community organization that applied to have a Sprout Fund mural in thier neighborhood. They worked hard to make sure that as many people in the community as possible had some input into selecting the design, and they ended up with over 300 residents voting on it.

This mural with the M. C. Esher influence captured exactly how the residents feel about Greenfield. It gives the viewer the impression of a close knit, interwoven community . Remember the name of the organization that started this is Connect Greenfield. No surprise that Greenfield Connected fit with this neighborhood so well.

We found an entry from the artist’s Blog, written when he was working on this mural.

"The mural depicts porches and facades from the neighborhood fitting together like a puzzle, connected by stairs with no definitive up or down."
He also mentions that his goal was to heighten the sense of pride and community for Greenfield.


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08/19/2013 @ 18:44 Anthroliz I like this one. It looks like it was inspired by M.C. Escher

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