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Garfield Gator by withheld

408 N. Pacific Ave (Kincaid St and Pacific)
Garfield, Pittsburgh PA 15206

I don't know that The Garfield Gator is actually the title of this mural, but that’s what it is. It’s a representation of the local youth football team mascot. We love this mural! According to some locals, it’s rogue artist created it along a street in the Garfield neighborhood without the city's permission. When the powers that be discovered it they didn’t know what to do about it. Initially they were considering painting over it. After discussing it with the developers working nearby (on what appears to be a large redevelopement project) they were asked to leave it be. Apparently the developer likes it as much as we do.

So we can’t give credit to this very talented artist by name, but if s/he’s reading this s/he knows that we admire his/her work. If you’d like to see this mural it’s located along N. Pacific Ave at Kincaid St in Garfield. You're going to have to do some climbing to find this one, but we thought it was worth the effort. From Penn Ave at N. Evaline St it’s about 2/10 of a mile walk. Go north on N. Evaline and right on Kincaid St. and you can’t miss it. It extends all along a retaining wall on a set of concrete steps. Very cool mural and a neighborhood favorite.

UPDATE May 2014
We rode up to check on the mural and found it still in perfect condition. This time we tried a panoramic shot to see if we could get a better photo of this extrordinary mural. It still doesn’t do it justice.


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