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Rebirth by Gregg Valley

301 West Main St Carnegie PA 15106
40.404278, -80.091216

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Rebirth represents Carnegie’s recovery from not only the floods caused by hurricane Ivan, but the economic recovery of the town as well. Gregg Valley created a huge, beautiful, blue water phoenix to illustrate the town rising from not ashes, but flooding. On the right half of the mural the phoenix dominates with the night sky and swirling waters. On the left side the sun is out, flowers are blooming and the people and animals are back to normal activities. It's a confirmation of the the resilience of the community and their ability to bounce back from adversity. A very positive message.


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12/18/2013 @ 08:51 Jake Mongelli It is really good and I like the name.

12/18/2013 @ 11:01 Donovan YVUGU I like the name 2

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