Pittsburgh's Outdoor Murals and Public Art, discovered on bicycle around the Burgh bike


by Chris Savido Kyle Holbrook multiple

(Hay St at South Ave)
Wilkinsburg PA 15221

Wall and pillars. Images of Dr King, liberty bell, woman doing ballet, people together smiling.

This mural is one of the series of murals installed along the east busway – named after Dr Martin Luther King Jr.   It’s appropriate that there would be a mural in that series to honor Dr King. In this design the central image of The Reverend King is literally made up of many other individuals. As if Dr King existed to speak and represent the many. There is actually fire in his eyes here. Surrounding his image we see visions of what we interpret as Dr King’s dreams for this community: empty jails, laughter, family, friends, music, dance, and an end to the violence and drugs.

Image of Dr King made from hundreds of small figures in shades of blue/green.

The images on the support pillars for the bus shelter are not as easily interpreted. We hope the artists will enlighten us on these designs.

Wall mural and pillars from the right side.

Close up of pillar. Praying, lion head, leaves.


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