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Mad Mex Oakland by Lucas Stock Doug Brunner multiple

370 Atwood St (Atwood St and Bates St)
Oakland, Pittsburgh PA 15213

This is the third, large mural in Oakland that was sponsored by the Oakland Green Team. Within the Oakland Planning and Development Corporation, the Green Team falls under the Connect and Engage program. They describe part of their purpose as creating, coordinating , and conducting many programs and volunteer opportunities designed to bring the residents of Oakland together to keep their community clean, safe, attractive, and growing.

Photo by Rusty Red

The Green Team specifically seeks to put the oak back in Oakland, and part of their mission is creating attractive open spaces. The murals are a part of this effort, and a part of the Oakland 2025 Master Plan which includes a provision for more public art. They’ve been teaming up with the MLK Community Mural Project to make it happen.

The neighbors get a say in the designs for these murals. In this case, they had four proposals to choose from. Look closely and you’ll see that this colorful abstract includes oak leaves scattered throughout, as if being blown by the wind.

The mural was completed in August 2014. When we returned to take more photos we noticed how well they had covered all the corners and obstructions on the building. They even included the first staircase, which really gives it a cohesive look and feel.


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