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1928 Murray Ave (Beacon St at Murray Ave)
Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh PA 15217

This project is really three murals in one. Last year, the MLK Community Mural Project did the mural on the side of the building along Beacon St. This year, Squirrel Hill obtained a Love Your Block grant to do a mural, and they used it to continue last years artwork along the back of that same building. The MLK Community Mural Project artists instructed and supervised the young artists involved. Viewed from across Beacon St, the mural now appears to wrap around the corner.

The mural along Beacon St done in 2013.

The Love Your Block mural in 2014 continues the pattern, wrapping around the corner of the building.

Then the MLK Community Mural Project obtained more funding, and working with the Pittsburgh Summer Youth Employment Program (PSYEP) they expanded the mural again – continuing the pattern on the second story of the adjacent building.

Three murals, one theme.

Ed Rawson, (MLK Community Mural Projects Chief Operations Officer) and Gene Ojeda, (Project Coordinator) took the time to explain the design to us. They wanted the mural to reflect the fact that the Squirrel Hill community has the most green space of any of the city’s neighborhoods. Although the buildings they were using for the murals are in Squirrel Hill’s main business district, right behind this row of buildings trees cover the hillside. From a distance they wanted the soft, green tones of the mural to blend with the natural greens in the landscape. The design itself uses leaf shapes and the lettering spells out Murray Ave and Squirrel Hill

From the website for the MLK Community Mural Project:

MLK Mural is aiming to continue engaging youth of all races and ethnicities in the transformation of their communities by teaching them the art of Mural production and providing them with opportunities to participate in the beautification of their town, cities and districts.


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